Digital Innovation is a new MMU initiative designed to respond to the rapid pace of change in the digital sector

The rise of the digital sector has seen rapid advances over the past few years, and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has responded to these changes with the launch of a new initiative – Digital Innovation.

Designed to equip students across its wide range of faculties with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in a digital-driven world, Digital Innovation combines practical learning techniques with a flexible and creative approach to academic study.

With coursework that has been specially tailor-made to meet the needs of the digital sector, Digital Innovation includes courses such as Digital Business, Digital News Reporting and Digital Media Law. Through lectures and interactive coursework, students learn all aspects of the digital field, from content creation to data analytics. They are also given access to mentorship opportunities as they navigate their studies.

In addition to providing an array of support services such as one-to-one tutorials, workshops, internships and outreach programmes, Digital Innovation also hosts regular industry events for students to network and engage with potential employers.

By introducing this innovative initiative, MMU is helping prepare students for changing dynamics in the digital world and giving them the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive landscape. With a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for digital entrepreneurs, students will be uniquely prepared for roles in this rapidly growing industry.

Digital Innovation, a new program from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is designed to address the rapid pace of change in the digital sector.

As technology evolves and innovations change, businesses in the industry are faced with huge obstacles. In response, MMU created Digital Innovation, an initiative designed to help students be better prepared to enter a digital workplace and help existing organisations succeed in the face of such constant transformation.

The innovative program focuses on teaching students both technical skills in areas such as web development and coding, as well as softer skills such as an understanding of user experience, how to use data and analytics, and how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Organisations also benefit from the initiative – MMU has set up industry partnerships with organisations including Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle who benefit from early access to talent as well as advice and mentorship from experts in the field. This will help ensure that they can keep up with and anticipate changes in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Students will be able to try their hand at projects in both the university’s on-campus incubator space for digital projects and its Digital Creatives Lab for more creative endeavours. With guidance from faculty members, practitioners and entrepreneurs, students will be prepared to take on the challenges of a digital career before even graduating from university.

Given its agile and purposeful focus on meeting digital transformation head-on, Digital Innovation at MMU is one of many initiatives providing a clear path forward for those interested in learning everything modern digital businesses need to succeed.