Partners: DigInn and Rare launch new training sessions

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In the great soft skills resurgence of 2015, one particular theme keeps recurring. Agencies and clients need to work better together to achieve real success.

The relationship between agency and client can be fraught with misunderstandings, incomplete information and mismanaged expectations. But it is also the ideal arena in which to explore all the soft skills that are essential to a successful digital business. Collaboration, communication, transparency, curiosity, agility, and authenticity all play a huge role in creating solid foundations on which to build marketing success.

With this in mind, here at Digital Innovation we’re launching a new set of workshops and events with the express purpose of developing the skills and approaches that lead to more effective relationships. While there will be a certain element of presenter-led training, our partners, Rare Consulting, have put together sessions that provide participants with the space and support to explore their skills, applying their current knowledge and newly attained information to real world exercises.

Rare’s Karl Havard is a digital operations specialist who has worked with a huge range of digital organisations to help them do business better.

“It’s only possible to develop these kinds of skills through practice. A trainer can raise awareness of the issues and provide tools to manage anticipated situations, but it’s only through doing that you really understand the implications of how you work. Our workshops are designed to take people out of their comfort zones, having them work with strangers, in a new environment and often in new ways, and with a certain amount of pressure to perform. They can exercise their creativity and have fun whilst taking away valuable insights and practical skills.”_

The first of our new all day workshops, Campaign in a Day™, sets up some healthy competition as teams battle it out to respond to a brief in less than six hours. It’s ideal for agency and client side marketers, but also for account managers, project managers and those who commission campaigns who want an insight into the process and the opportunity pit their own creative wits against the professionals.

And for agencies who want to inject a quick shot of love into their client relationships, our Beautiful Briefs™ evening masterclass is the ideal date night. Clients can learn how to brief better, while agencies will gain insight into how to facilitate the process more effectively. When the learning’s done, get cosy over a drink or two before heading off to a brighter future!

Beautiful Briefs™ – £50 + VAT (bring a date – 10% discount for two or more bookings, just drop us an email)

Campaign in a Day™ – £395 + VAT

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The full day Beautiful Briefs session and Campaign in a Day can be delivered as inhouse bespoke training sessions. Contact us to find out more about training your team.