FutureEverything 2016: video recap distils essence of event

FutureEverything has released a short ‘recap video’ of this year’s festival and conference, featuring excerpts from performances and events plus short interviews with a selection of participants.

Included in the pacy and entertaining three and half minute film (above) are world premieres from Gazelle Twin and Ed Carter & David Cranmer, the launch of Project Ukko – a brand new climate service for wind forecast – and insights into the theme of 2016 edition, ‘less and more: rethinking resources’.

Speaking in the video, Drew Hemment, founder and creative director of FutureEverything, says: “FutureEverything is all about coming together to discover ideas, spark imagination, and take them away to make change in the world.”

Also interviewed for the film is the festival’s keynote speaker, writer, poet and broadcaster Lemn Sissay MBE.

Talking with trademark passion and eloquence, Sissay distils the essence of this enquiring and innovative Manchester event into a beautifully crafted soundbite.

He says: “FutureEverything seems to take to heart the idea that none of this around us would be here without the imagination – we have to imagine the world we want to create, before we create it.”

The festival has also posted online a selection of podcasts and transcripts of talks from this year’s conference, plus the audio from Carter & Cranmer’s Smoke Signals installation.