We are the Robots hackers create bleepy sound collage

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A live audio recording of the sounds created during last week’s We are the Robots hacks at The Shed – aimed at 14-19 year-olds – is now available to listen to on SoundCloud.

Produced over two days on 17 and 18 February, the bleepy, robotic mash-up clocks in at nearly four minutes and is reminiscent of experimental electronica mixed with musique concrete.

The sound collage was put together by Steve Summers of Noisy Toys – which describes itself as ‘all about having fun with sound’.

“This recording is a mash-up of live sounds and a noise jam recorded over two days of workshops,” explains Summers.

“It contains three kinds of sound sources that the young participants were working on: digital sounds coded with Sonic Pi, analogue audio electronics using the Little Bits, and acoustic/mechanical material from the Noisy Toys up-cycled junk instruments.”

Summers says he was impressed by the creativity and ingenuity shown during the workshops.

“We were all blown away by what the young hackers came up with – loads of different ways of combining the technology that we never would have thought of.”

The We are the Robots hack was organised and hosted by Digital Innovation in collaboration with the Manchester Robot Orchestra (a European City of Science project), Hive Manchester, EdLabs MMU, and Noisy Toys.

The events saw participants make electronic music with code, create sound with simple circuitry, and learn how to make a basic synthesizer.

Listen to the sounds created at the We Are The Robots hack here