Raspberry Jam Show & Tell: variety, invention, creativity

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The next Mcr Raspberry Jam at The Shed will be showcasing what you can do with a Raspberry Pi and a bit of imagination.

“This is the first time we have opened our doors to the general public with a prime focus on showing what we do. Kids and teens, as well as old hands, will all be demonstrating their creations.”

Event co-organiser Pete Lomas is looking forward to a special all-day show and tell edition of the Manchester Raspberry Jam, a regular celebration of all things Raspberry Pi .

Taking place at The Shed on Saturday 11 June from 10am-5pm, the event promises to be a fascinating and fun introduction to the possibilities of the versatile, UK-designed mini computer.

Explains Lomas: “The Jam was formed by [MMU graduate] Ben Nuttall, simply in response to the need for makers to get together to share ideas and learn new techniques through a regular series of workshops – and of course show off their latest projects.”

Robots and music

Featured projects on the day include robots negotiating an assault course, home built games and consoles, and music created using the Sonic Pi coding system.

Asked to highlight a favourite Raspberry Pi creation, Lomas says: “It’s really just too hard to pick out one particular project, there is so much variety, invention and achievement in every project we are showing. 

“Some are relatively simple but represent that person’s first foray into digital making, whilst others are just immense and brilliant constructions.”

As for the wider significance and impact of the Raspberry Pi, Lomas believes it has been hugely important in “reigniting interest in digital making”, while also citing Coder-Dojo and Code Club, along with the maker spaces MadLab and FabLab, as important drivers of Manchester’s digital making scene.

“There are hundreds of events held in Manchester every year that are now thriving as a result of this resurgence in making and coding,” he says.


As well as showcasing the many and varied creations the Raspberry Jammers have produced, the 11 June event will also include a demonstration of AstroPi – currently being used by Tim Peake on the International Space Station – and the Naturebytes camera system for monitoring wildlife in your garden.

“The Jam thrives on the fact that many of the Jammers work in the city’s technology industries or academic institutions and there is a wealth of accumulated knowledge,” adds Lomas.

“Students planning a career in science and technology help to form the core of our activities. Other Jammers who work in various roles across Manchester come along simply to share their joy of making.”

Tickets for the Manchester Raspberry Jam Show and Tell event on Saturday 11 June are available via Eventbrite